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Photo credits for the winter 2014 album include Joelle Marguerite, Ty Hellenbach, Katherine Johnson, Melaniejane, David Rossignol, John Honz, Berta Benally, Walter Salas-Humara, James Larson, Sarah Deehr, Rebecca Dersch-Bell, Linda Plier, James Kelly, Todd Ciske, James Geiger, Teresa Young, Rich Panfil, Bruce Kawasawa, Juli Wagner, Anna Jo, me,.... and PLEASE forgive me (or remind me) for anyone not mentioned, because I know I missed some!

Making Music Magazine

This page is excerpted from the Sept/Oct issue of Making Music Magazine.  Photos by Cherie Yurco and Ty Helbach.

Wherehouse photos by Nancy Olson, Jessica Zdanowicz *,  and DJZerocool Parker **